July 2, 2009


Bugs in the Dark - Grand Avenue EP & Shake Shake EP
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I should have gotten around to reviewing these EP's a long time ago. Bugs in the Dark have a mega solid sound going on. Each song is layered, unstoppable indie rock goodness. Shake Shake is a little thin compared to Grand Avenue, but SS was the first release. The songs on SS get a little repetitive, but the few mistakes made on SS were more than made up for on GA. SS's simple, thin, and dirty sound definitely works to the charm of the album. Out of the two, it's definitely the more mindless rocker. With it's 2 guitars, no bass sound, they definitely get close to the Sleater-Kinney sound they admire. GA is slower at times, seems to be more thought out, and is definitely heavier and more filled out (the addition of what sounds like a bass really works to their advantage). This EP is more melodic, but just as experimental as far as guitar work goes. The drums are, like on the last record, fairly simple, but I feel that on both records, it really works. The two EP's are not the most unique listening experience you'll have, but I do not doubt BitD's ability to, with the next release, really give us something weird and awesome. Both EPs are by a band that is undeniably awkward and experimental, which is nothing if not admirable. I don't think there is a single song on either EP that isn't fun in some way. Not every song will be for everyone, but I think that each song is solid enough that it ought to be. There isn't a note on either record that wasn't thoughtfully placed.

Bugs in the Dark - Silence is a Treason (from SS)
Bugs in the Dark - Miles of Stone (from GA)

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