July 5, 2009

"I am the bow and I am the arrow"

Swan Lake - Enemy Mine
My Thoughts: Love More (<3)+

As should be evident by this point, I'm madly in love with anything related to Wolf Parade and Frog Eyes (there are a great deal of other things I'm in love with, but this is all we're concerned with at the moment), to the point where I listened to the last Swan Lake album only once, because I didn't like it very much, and was so surprised that, with these three weirdos (Spencer Krug, Carey Mercer, and Dan Bejar), such a boring album could have been written. Well this year saw a fantastic sophomore release with the other Wolf Parade side project (not Sunset Rubdown, I'll save that review for a little later), and things are not so different here. This album is extremely solid, even Dan's fairly mellow and, at times, puzzling tracks seem to work well among the other more peculiar and charging tracks. Well, The Battle of a Swan Lake is just awkward, but other than that I think there isn't a song on this record that can't conceivably be on multiple best ofs this year.

Swan Lake - Spanish Gold, 2044
Swan Lake - Settle on Your Skin
Swan Lake - Heartswarm

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