July 21, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: NeedtoBreathe

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NeedtoBreathe has been around for a while, but they were another band that simply never got anywhere near my radar because of the way they play music. An Alt./Modern Rock sound mixed with Southern Rock ideals and a whole bunch of the southern twang. There was kind of a Celtic feeling to one of their songs, but I imagine I only felt that way because of the way one of the members was playing the banjo (like a guitar), twisting peculiar sounds from it the likes of which I'd never heard from a banjo. These dashing gentlemen played with confidence that only comes with having played for 10 years (I think that's how long they said they'd been together), and that kind of confidence makes even some of their less experimental songs engaging. Not all together my kind of sound, but I can certainly see why they are so popular. People really got into it, dancing and hopping around. It was nice to see so many pleased people at the smaller stage. Well done NeedtoBreathe, well done. As a side note, I was supposed to interview these nice fellows, but I stupidly overshot my eating time and, while they waited around a little while for me, they eventually had to get food themselves. I feel really terrible about this, and hope they forgive me for my stupidity :/.

Needtobreathe - Streets of Gold

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Jayne said...

They're back in Denver on Oct 27th at the Bluebird. Maybe you can catch up with them then instead.