July 13, 2009

Child Bite & Big Bear - Child Bite / Big Bear Split 7"
My Thoughts: Love (<)

While I'd only heard one song by Child Bite before, I was not very familiar with them before this split, and it was the first I'd ever heard of Big Bear.

Child Bite's track, Gloom Boots, is a heavily layered track, with multiple horns, vocal tracks, string instruments, and percussion instruments. Mind melting guitar solos, epicly saucy jazz horns, and relentless percussion straight execute your senses.

Big Bear's track, Song 23, is less complicated in the sense that it doesn't sound like it's got as many layers. Math rock seems to be just as big of an influence however. Unsettlingly executed stops and starts coupled with nearly polyrhythmic instrumentation leaves me wanting more, and coming back to listen to it again just to make sure what I just heard actually happened.

A great example of what creative people can do if you just give them a chance to show you what they can do. Simply stellar.

Here are some tracks not on the album (seeming how there are only 2 tracks on the album, I'd feel pretty bad about just giving them to you):
Child Bite - Good Arm Getter
Big Bear - Live at the Middle East, August 2007 (65mb)

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