July 22, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Joe Pug

CIMG3969.jpg picture by Lukehunter2

I only caught the last four or so songs by Joe Pug, but they were very much worth it. I noticed instantly that his guitar work was very minimalist, seemingly strumming the guitar at random intervals barely allowing it to ring out before muting the strings. His wonderful voice would sing in strange and engaging rhythms. His lyrics were something to behold, however. The ones I favored most of all were the one that went something like "I have come to test the timbre of my heart," and "I've come to trade the harvest for the seed." The songs put to mind the works of Paul Simon and his contemporaries. And maybe a little bit of Woodie Guthrie. After his set he greeted anyone who wanted to meet him, and, not surprisingly, the line to meet him started to form and grow long as soon as his set was over.

Joe Pug - In The Meantime

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