July 15, 2009

The Naked Hearts - These Knees
My Thoughts: Love (<)

This Brooklyn duo's album is quite a mix of peculiarities. Frequently the bass is tuned and played to sound like it would be more fitting in an 80's hardcore punk band. The guitar, at times, sounds as though it would fit more comfortably in an alt-country/indie rock band. The vocals, both male and female, are spacey and bored sounding, as though they would fit in a sort of non-yelling post-grunge, maybe shoegaze band. The effect is marginally confusing but constantly engaging. The slower tempo gives the EP a chillout sort of effect, which is nice, because I don't think this sort of music would work if the songs were abrasive or fast paced. The album is admittedly simple, but I enjoy the fact that I don't have to really try to like it, because everything about the songs are right there in front of your face, beautiful and unassuming.

The Naked Hearts - Call Me

Stream the rest of the album here:

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