November 26, 2011

SLM Mixtape #6: Sublimation

Mixtape #6:

Make the First Move - Kakkmaddafakka
Lookin' Fly - Murs
The Double Life - Rainer Maria
Baby I Don't Care - Transvision Vamp
All in White - The Vaccines
Everything Goes My Way - Metronomy
Tokyo Moon - Windmill
Jonathan - Sean Rowe

November 20, 2011

SLM Mixtape #5: Where It Is

 Mix 5:

Cocaine - Dick Justice
Lord Randal - Abner Jay
Black But Sweet - Wilmoth Houdini
Timber - Odetta
Eg ser deg utfor gluggjen - Nils Okland & Sigbjorn Apeland
How The Shadow is Clear - Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun
Daddy, What's A Tree - Henson Cargill
My Donal - Amalgamated Sons of Rest

November 12, 2011

SLM Mixtape #4: Holy Hell Get Up

more to come.
this one is called
"Holy Hell Get Up"

is it fire? - Jessie Evans
Sugar Splash - Delicate Steve
I Dont Want To Go To Sleep Either - FM Belfast
LAPPOP - dva
Perfect Imperfections - Maya Jane Coles
Metamorphosis - Den Haan
Broke Your Spell - The Manxx
I Need Seed - Thee Oh Sees