July 22, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: 3oh!3

I did not see the beginning or end of 3oh!3's set, as most of my time was spent over at Thievery Corporation's stage watching the gods descend. Luckily I was able to convince the people right up front where I'd snagged a spot for the beginning of TC's set to save my spot so I could sneak away and see a bit of 3oh!3. I've been following our area code boys for about 2 years now when I saw them open for Mr. Pacman over at the Hi-Dive when 3oh!3 only had their little demo and about 7 or 8 straight up die-hard-fans. A year or so later they became what we all know them to be. I straight up did not like their new album. It was too over produced for me. The charm of their self released album was the lo-fi weird quirkiness of these two white boys making lo-fi crunk. They didn't seem to be taking themselves seriously back then. They probably still don't and still think it's all a big joke, but as their fame grows I have less faith in that theory, and the more serious they become about their ridiculous music less I care to take notice, because they just fall into that mindless club music genre. I doubt that's what will happen, because with the following that these guys now have (I have to say this crowd was foaming at the mouth for more 3oh!3), they can do anything, and if they're anything like the gentlemen I met 2 years ago, I don't doubt their master scheme to put out a really smart and fun sophomore big label release. For now, here's a track off of their self-released album that didn't make it to the repressing, which make it pretty rare [I might be wrong about that fact, but I can't find any info on the song other than a few scant details] :

3OH!3 - I'm Not Coming To Your Party Girl

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