January 18, 2012

I'm selling all of my records.

So, I've clearly lost my mind.  That said, I'm still going to go forward with my plan to sell my entire record collection.  I've taken pictures of them all (well, I missed 1 or two, but I've uploaded images in their place), and uploaded them to the internet, and here they are.  If you see one you want, make me an offer in an e-mail, facebook message, tweet, text, or comment with your e-mail, and we'll work it out. Anything I don't sell is going to one of our many wonderful indie record stores.

Records that have been "HELD" are in negotiation, but not sold, so you can still let me know if you're interested.  Ones that are "SOLD" are gone, and will be removed from the list.
Update: updating this page with which albums are "held" has already become too much of a task, so if you're interested in which ones may already have a name attached, go here to the facebook page.
Here's the master list:

2Pac - All Eyes On Me
Click "Read More" to see the other ~400 records

January 16, 2012

SLM Mixtape #10: GetGetGet

Heart That's Pounding - Sally Seltmann
Bunny In A Bunny Suit - Simone White
Discothèque - Summer Cats
Don't You Be The Judge - Danielson Famile
Slow Down Joe - Karl Blau
Tintinnabulation - Kelley Stoltz
Twisted Thoughts - Kinetic Stereokids
Battles - Celebration

January 9, 2012

SLM Mixtape #9: Slaya

You Don't Want A Boyfriend - Brian
Money for All - David Sylvian
Smoke Machine - The Welcome Strangers
Cheree (Remix) - Suicide
Please Turn Me Into the Snat - Connan Mockasin
Les Chemins De Verre - Karkwa
Ella Guru - Captain Beefheart
How Do I Get Over You? - Candi Staton

January 2, 2012

SLM Mixtape #8: Exactly

All you are going to want to do is get back there - The Caretaker
Poison - Laurie Anderson
The Earlie King - Baby Dee
Shake That Devil - Antony and The Johnsons
Is That All There Is? - Cristina
Beg Your Pardon - Crass
cerebrus - John Zorn
Spoonful - Keiji Haino & Coil