July 23, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Matisyahu


I've heard only a few things by Matisyahu, but one can't escape his reputation throughout the music world as an innovator and, simply, as a fantastic performer. From what I'd heard of him, I was expecting him to perform, essentially, a simple hip-hop set. When I got to his tent after Thievery Corporation finished up, I was taken aback, at first wondering if I had gone to the correct tent. There was a sort of Post-Rock sound coming from the Westword tent where M was headlining, and instead of rapping there was someone singing. Well lo and behold (did I really just say that?) it was Matisyahu doing the singing and his band was jamming out Mew-style. I quickly realized that I knew very little about your friend and mine Matisyahu, man of mystery. From there he did a few rap tracks, but he really pushed the envelope in relation to his genre, almost in the sense that Why? does. He was a very soft spoken and sensitive man, which was very refreshing to see in a hip-hop artist. I'd see him again, for sure.

Matisyahu - Jerusalem (Swisha House Mix)

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