July 22, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Dead Confederate

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I first saw the fivesome that is The Dead Confederate last year at the Southern Comfort Music Festival, and, while I didn't catch all of their performance, I did happen to see quite a bit, and I was really blown away by them. Mostly because they appeared to just be a noise/shoegaze band on a bill that didn't really seem to support that sort of music. I liked it though.

Well apparently that's now how things were supposed to go last time around (all that came out in the interview I'll post soon), and that, this time in coming to Colorado things were going to be a little more focused. That they were. As soon as their fingers grazed their instruments heavy HEAVY distortion burst into the sparse audience (everyone was still mostly over at Jack's Mannequin), turning heads and freezing tracks. Their specific brand of Psychedelic Shoegaze rock and roll was powerful and dangerously inviting. They rarely, if at all, addressed the audience, giving them a tortured mystique that drew the audience leaving the Jack's Mannequin performance straight into their tent, filling it before they had even finished half their set. It was a rough, destructive 45 minute onslaught.

If that sounds like it's too much, then I'm probably embellishing a little bit. Their music was, over all, fairly accessible, pop hooks and all making their way through the distortion. It was intense, however.

Dead Confederate - The Rat
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