July 21, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Rob Drabkin

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As I approached the Firstbank stage to see Denverite Rob Drabkin for the second time (the last time was at Monolith's acoustic stage last year), I noticed prominent use of a double bass pedal on the drum set. This confused and excited me, as the last time I saw Rob it was just him and his guitar. I am always wary of the use of double bass pedal, but this drummer knew not to over use it, and really only use it for occasional rolls. Very impressive, I have to say. Rob Drabkin is another artist that happens to have a bit of that DMB sound to him, bur he too has an infectious, warming spirit that flows clearly from his heart through his vocal chords. I was lucky enough to know first hand that he actually is as nice and cool as he seems on stage because of Monolith last year. His lyrics were a little sappy, but his jovial stage presence made his melodramatic leanings irrelevant, turning any cautious listener into a pleasantly surprised new fan. His Connor Oberst-ian vocal waverings sure helped a bunch too. The only parts of the set I was turned off by were the parts that were a little funk inspired, because, while I LOVE funk, I find myself turned off by most derivations there in. Still one of the best solo or full band acts in Denver.

Rob Drabkin (myspace)

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