December 3, 2011

SLM Mixtape #7: Parallels

Morteza - Morteza
Yah Nasma Yah Halina - Ali Hassan Kuban
Catronuevo De Los Arcos - Gerineldo
Past Time Paradise - Martik
Free Me Now - Brigth Engelberts & the B.E. Movement
Inuit Wedding - Sainkho
Turkish Dance - Korla Pandit
Dreams Of A Dying City - Rabih Abou-Khalil

November 26, 2011

SLM Mixtape #6: Sublimation

Mixtape #6:

Make the First Move - Kakkmaddafakka
Lookin' Fly - Murs
The Double Life - Rainer Maria
Baby I Don't Care - Transvision Vamp
All in White - The Vaccines
Everything Goes My Way - Metronomy
Tokyo Moon - Windmill
Jonathan - Sean Rowe

November 20, 2011

SLM Mixtape #5: Where It Is

 Mix 5:

Cocaine - Dick Justice
Lord Randal - Abner Jay
Black But Sweet - Wilmoth Houdini
Timber - Odetta
Eg ser deg utfor gluggjen - Nils Okland & Sigbjorn Apeland
How The Shadow is Clear - Oidupaa Vladimir Oiun
Daddy, What's A Tree - Henson Cargill
My Donal - Amalgamated Sons of Rest

November 12, 2011

SLM Mixtape #4: Holy Hell Get Up

more to come.
this one is called
"Holy Hell Get Up"

is it fire? - Jessie Evans
Sugar Splash - Delicate Steve
I Dont Want To Go To Sleep Either - FM Belfast
LAPPOP - dva
Perfect Imperfections - Maya Jane Coles
Metamorphosis - Den Haan
Broke Your Spell - The Manxx
I Need Seed - Thee Oh Sees

September 9, 2011

this week's mix to go up on Saturday because my band is playing our album release show and getting ready for that takes a little time.

deets here:

September 1, 2011

SLM Mixtape 3: Come on man. Seriously.

As promised, the first in a series of mixes.

Dirty Beaches - Low rider
I Am Oak - Ocyaan
Amatorski - Soldier
Pwin Teaks - Beach Bubble
Alaska In Winter - Divine Miscalculations
Youth Lagoon - Seventeen

August 30, 2011

Thursday Night.

Didja know I'm going to post the first of 6 pre made mix tapes on Thursday?

ya do now.

SLM mixes are gonna be back in full force soon.

Plus the long awaited follow up to Pinacle of Pop.

-Luke, Gentleman

June 25, 2011

SLM Mixtape 2: Let Me Show You How To Do That

 Another mix for you!  Here it is:

King Mob - Take My Hand, I'm Changing
Pina Chulada - Smiling Dog
Ann Steel - Sparkling World
Danny Elfman - La complainte de Sally
Harry Johnson - It's Nothing To Me
Afternoon Brother - Tropical Plando
This Heat - Horizontal Hold
The - Vicious

June 19, 2011

SLM Mixtape 1: PsychiCop

While I'm readying the next part to my RB/Friday series, Ive decided to start making mixes of music I've been listening to.  This one comes from a few weeks ago, but it'll kinda give you a taste for what I'll be up to.  I may include a link for downloads too, but not this time, for now, here's the mix:

Gnod - Shaken From Safety
NEU! - Drive (Grundfunken)
Cologne Tape - Render IV
Pocahaunted - Untitled 02 (Live at the OCCII Le Club Suburbia 22 june 2009)
Pharaoh Overlörd - Slow City
Pharaoh Overlörd - Octagon
Battles - Hi / Lo
zombie zombie - driving this road until death sets you free

June 3, 2011

The Pinnacle of Pop Music. (or, Luke thinks way too hard about Friday, by Rebecca Black)

And now, to discuss a thing that has been on my mind for a while.  Friday, by Rebecca Black

Okay, i think it's time for me to talk about Friday, "by" Rebecca Black. I have made some pretty bold statements about this song in the past, namely that it is "the best song ever recorded." By it's nature, the meaning of the word "best" is elusive. Not only is it generally used in a way that means something different than its solid definition, but it's meaning is dependant upon context, usage, the user's intended meaning (emphasized by tone, cadence, etc.), and the listener/reader's interpretation (you could also add that the user may be changing their method of delivery in order to try to predict how the listener/reader will interpret it, and somehow effect that in whichever way they want ... and so on from there).

April 27, 2011

Sleepless In Seattle

I have a post on Sleepless in Seattle over at The Movie Advocate.
I'm pretty sure I thought about it way too hard.
I initially started to watch it because I'd just finished watching one of the most intense 80's movie EVER, and needed a little 90's ennui.  It worked out just right.
Read it Here!

Other Places

Wouldn't you know it, as soon as I decide to start blogging again, a few friends of mine ask me to start contributing to their blogs. I'll still use this site to post things that don't fit in with their blogs though.

First post will be next month! Be on the look out.

April 7, 2011

New Site, pt. 2

John Darnielle said in a 2006 interview "I think I read too much Arthur Conan Doyle when I was young, and got this idea that a gentleman should know a lot about one thing and plenty about most everything else."

I've had a similar outlook on life, but if it feel more legitimate, and kind of less egotistical, if I quote someone else.

So there you have it.  That's the premise of this blog now.

This blog will now be me talking about not just music, but the various things that make life worth it.

Meaning all forms of media and experiences of all sorts.

Things won't really start for a few weeks though, so hold on a minute,

Here we go.

New Site, pt. 1

I hated blogging.  I did it for all the wrong reasons.  I would be sent all sorts of stuff, and feel obligated to review it, because the people were putting themselves out on a limb, and essentially taking a potential loss with just giving me the music when they have every right to charge for it.  I would go to shows and even to festivals that I just didn't care about, and give them lukewarm reviews.  The performers were good at playing their instruments, I just didn't care for the music.

I stopped knowing what I liked to listen to. (!) I would just listen to everything, attempt to find "merit" in it, and write about it, never listening to it again.  I look back at the archives of Someone To Love More Than Music, and am puzzled by the things I find, rediscovering bands that I apparently liked enough to write about, but no longer remember.  A lot of the stuff I gave lukewarm reviews to I just couldn't see myself caring about ever again.  That kind of goes for the stuff the I gave good reviews...

I had to end it, I had to get out, and it was hard, but I think it was for the best.  I've been learning to love again.  Love More again.  I must say I am in love with music.  That said, I must also mention that I am a lover of all medias.  Music, movies, books, visual arts, dance, etc.

I've noticed myself becoming more and more passive, less critical, less of a thinking being in general, content to take in without a second thought.  I've become more of a consumer than a creator, and while both states are fine, I prefer to have a healthy mix of the two.

So I am starting again, and it'll be different this time.  This time I'll try to talk about all the things I love, if only to keep my mind sharp, to better understand my own tastes and opinions, and, honestly, to continue honing my writing abilities.

February 2, 2011