July 22, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Guster

I was initially turned onto Guster by my friend Laura. I went on a bit of a Guster kick there for a summer, and, since then, have actually rarely listened to them. I went back and listened to them again before I saw them and remembered why I was addicted for minute or two: they're just simple, fun, garagey college rock that is pretty hard to hate. My biggest problem with them was that, after a while, I found myself not really able to fully attach to the song because they weren't heavy enough or light enough to just let everything go and fall in love with the ridiculousness. Their live set was basically the same as their recorded stuff, which is always an impressive feat. They didn't miss a beat. But I wasn't glued to my seat. I mean, they were pretty neat, but I had my fill after a few songs, so I wrote down my thoughts and went to eat.

Guster - Jesus on the Radio (Meow Mix)

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