July 23, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Pepper

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I received Pepper's latest album a few scant months ago and even reviewed it. I enjoyed it more than I've enjoyed any other care free ska album, but I wasn't completely taken in by the genre, so I couldn't fully appreciate it. I got a chance to interview the band, and I instantly realized that these guy's music is nice and happy and carefree for a reason: that's just how they are. They're fun, awesome guys. Their stage was surrounded with ska kids, all excited for the coming performance. Apparently every time they come to CO, it rains. Today was no different, but the drizzle that occurred this day was apparently nothing compared to when they played Red Rocks. It did not dampen (yeah, I said it) their spirits, however, as they played forcefully and spiritedly, as I'm sure is the only way they know how to play. They stayed pretty true to their recordings, but, live, the songs were more accessible and infectious than I had remembered when I last heard the record. Fantastic way to end my Mile High Music Festival experience. Thanks guys!

Pepper - Things That You Love

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