July 22, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: honeyhoney

CIMG3975.jpg picture by Lukehunter2

With a cover of "Bang Bang," one of my favorite songs, HoneyHoney started their set. They only did a few measures of the song, before they transitioned smoothly into their own song Little Toy Gun. Their style, a sort of Bob Log III/Seasick Joe w/ a female singer/violinist co-star thing, flowed well with the last couple acts I had seen (I actually saw Paul and a few other members from Paper Bird watching HoneyHoney's spirited performance). Loops and a MiniKorg spiced up the otherwise down to earth duo's set, adding strange, sometimes unsettling, but always engaging sounds. It was during their set that I noticed that there were quite a few duos performing along side larger bands. I do have to say that for two minds and bodies, they had little to no trouble fill up the stage and the audience's hearts and heads with love. They were also the most friendly of all the acts I saw during the weekend. At one point someone yelled out something like "you're beautiful," to which Ben Jaffe responded that they do threesomes. Suzzanne Santo cracked up at this and tried to back pedal. Now that's a way to get new fans :)

honeyhoney - Little Toy Gun
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