July 22, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Strange Condition

Day 2 started with a performance from Denver/Ft. Collins band Strange Condition. They played big sounding Alt./Modern rock/Nu-metal Creed-ish kind of stuff that would find it's place on 93.3 very easily. Their sound was not as diverse of a sound as I usually like, so I wasn't as interested in them as some of the other people in the audience were. They were playful on stage, which was nice, and seemed a little nervous, but, over all, they put on a very spirited performance.

CIMG3948.jpg picture by Lukehunter2CIMG3949.jpg picture by Lukehunter2CIMG3950.jpg picture by Lukehunter2CIMG3951.jpg picture by Lukehunter2CIMG3947.jpg picture by Lukehunter2

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Luke Hunter James-Erickson said...

Thank you for the kind words Sara. I hope the content stays satisfactory! :)