July 8, 2009

what the heck are "slacks"?

More reviews today. But for now, while I'm shopping for work shirts, I have this to show you:

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I Am Not Ghengis Kahn said...

I love some of their WILD ACCENTS! "It's a phwone inside of a fwootbaawl!"

Here are some other comments taken out of the commercial:

"You mean it's a thing that looks slightly like another thing?! No way! What kind of science fiction, year 3000 bullshit is this?! Pretty soon they'll have humanoid cybernetic aliens wandering the streets under the guise of being various vehicles. They'll call it Transformatrons, I'm sure."

"Gimmicky nonsense? In the late 80s? Inconceivable!"

"It looks like a football, but works like a phone. It plugs into most Eastern European jacks and has early Cyrillic numerals placed out of order for hours of guessing game fun!"

Oh... and slacks are ugly, boring looking pants. They're what women should not be allowed to wear, according to Deuteronomy 22:5. Apparently it's an abomination unto God.