October 12, 2009


The 3rd Local Shakedown CD will be released on Friday, October 16th. The
double disc features 41 bands of many different styles from Colorado's
thriving indie music scene. This CD follows the release of the 1st Local
Shakedown CD in 2000 and the 2nd Local Shakedown CD in 2004, both on
Smooch Records.(www.smoochrecords.com) It was mastered with assistance
from Bob Ferbrache at Absinthe Studios. As a producer and sound engineer
Ferbrache has worked with many of Denver's finest bands including The
Fluid, Bum Kon, 16 Horsepower, Slim Cessna's Auto Club and many more.
Artwork for the CD was done by cartoonist Noah Van Sciver who is the
author of Blammo and the Westword's weekly strip "4 Questions".

The Local Shakedown is a radio show which exclusively plays local music
from Colorado and hosts regular band interviews and live performances. It
can be heard on Radio1190 AM each Friday from 4-6 pm and it can be found
online at www.radio1190.org/localshakedown.


The Local Shakedown Vol. 3 CD was kindly co-released by your favorite
local record stores: Twist and Shout, Wax Trax and Bart's CD Cellar. To
celebrate its release there will be live music at each store the weekend
of October 16th. The double-CD will be for sale at each location for
$11.90. Below is a schedule of live music and attached is a flyer for the

Friday, Oct. 16th
Twist and Shout (http://twistandshout.com/)
2508 E. Colfax Ave., Denver
6:00 PM - The Kissing Party

Saturday, Oct. 17th
Bart's CD Cellar (http://bartscdcellar.com/)
1015 Pearl St., Boulder
2:00 PM - Thee Goochi Boiz, otem rellik, Aënka

Sunday, Oct. 18th
Wax Trax (http://waxtraxrecords.com/)
638 E. 13th Ave., Denver
2:00 PM - Bad Weather California, Magic Cyclops, The Fire Drills, The


(**) indicates that song is currently unreleased
($$) indicates that song is exclusive to this CD

Disc One
1. Magic Cyclops - Intro
2. Mr. Pacman - David Blaine's Erotic Mansion ($$)
3. Fire Drills - Hole For a Heart
4. The Kissing Party - The Heart of It All
5. Young Coyotes - Buried
6. Dethbox - xhatexedgexonxthexstraightxedgex
7. otem rellik - Better Times (**)
8. Kal Cahoone - Build the Fire
9. Littles Paia - Cyberpunk's Not Dead (for Tom Murphy and Carles) ($$)
10. Multicast - Hawaii ($$)
11. Pictureplane - Cyclical Cyclical (Atlantis)
12. Swayback - Steamrolling (**)
13. Bad Luck City - Stevie Johnston (**)
14. Elin Palmer - Time
15. Reverend Deadeye - Snake Bite
16. Crack Magik - Ike Turner
17. Wire Faces - Portable Castles
18. Cowboy Curse - Negative Space
19. Overcasters - Way of the World
20. The Wheel - Oil and Lavender (**)
21. Munly and the Luprecalians - Grandfather (**)

Disc Two
1. Aënka - Mylarism (**)
2. Bad Weather California - I Don't Know
3. Lady Parts - Mums for Mice (**)
4. The Omens - She's Just Fine
5. Moonspeed - 27000 MPH
6. Chad Price - With Bleeding Wrists (**)
7. Married in Berdichev - Funnel Clouds (**)
8. Coconut Beach - I'm Gone (**)
9. BDRMPPL - 2013 Pt. 2 ($$)
10. Milton Melvin Croissant III - Blizzaga (**)
11. Thee Goochi Boiz - Summer Song (**)
12. Paper Bird - Lost Boys
13. Roger Green - Get Up (**)
14. Bela Karoli - Prelude 3 (**)
15. d. biddle - You Are the Sea ($$)
16. Blue Million Miles - Pterodactyl (**)
17. The GetDown! - The First 'A' in Omaha ft. Carrie Beeder and Sara
Fischer (**)
18. Wentworth Kersey - Wealth
19. Cacheflowe - Flowebot ft. Brer Rabbit
20. Time - Cockroach Goddess

October 6, 2009

CIMG4332 by you.
I went to the show the other night not really knowing what to expect. I intentionally didn’t listen to any of the bands before I went, because I love being surprised. Unfortunately bands tend to pick rather fitting names, and the band names seemed to be alluding to a folky sound, which, as it turned out, was dead on. The first performer Amanda Shires took the stage at Hi-dive’s usual 9:15ish start time, and only a few people migrated from the bar. After a few songs she had witched the wills of the sitting few into stumbling over to see what the beautiful commotion was all about. Taking members from Thrift Store Cowboys for an occasional song or two, Amanda was woman enough for me when alone on stage. Her voice was unassuming and her skill with a stringed instrument was undeniable. Her charm went well beyond her stage presence, as the lyrics and tone to the songs were enriching and lovely.
CIMG4334 by you.

The rest of the Thrift Store Cowboys boys climbed up on stage and thus started their set. I was expecting a raucous good time with whiskey drinking and stumbling about, but the experience was a bit like what a melding of Bishop Allen and The Walkmen would sound like if they did My Morning Jacket style alt country. It was poppy and ethereal, and straight from the back country. Their sincerity and sexuality came, not sloppily, but sensuously through their strings and cymbals, as well as organs and heads (drum heads of course). I was thoroughly surprised by their sound and by how moved I was after their set. Granted I was not transported to a higher level of existence due to their performance, but I walked away more pleased with a performance than I had in a while.

Thrift Store Cowboys - Go! Go! You Coyotes!
Thrift Store Cowboys - Fallen Pinetree

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October 5, 2009

It was my buddy Josh's B-day this weekend, so that's what I was up to instead of writing. I'll have those interviews up when I can scrounge the time this week.

also, I have a review of the show I went to last Thursday. I'm editing the pics so they don't look like bum. that'll be up wednesday for sure.,

Go listen to Fools Gold. report back
Fool's Gold - Strange Hotel

a few shows I'll be attending, that I may require all of you to attend:

Tomorrow 8:00 PM --The Intelligence (Portland), The Don'ts & Be Carefuls, Lil Slugger @ Meadowlark

Thu, 10/08 -- Manchester Orchestra, @ Fillmore

Fri, 10/09 9:00 PM --Why?, Au, Dark Dark Dark @Bluebird

Sat, 10/10 --The Subjects @ Hi-Dive

Sun, 10/11 8:00 PM --Dr. Dog @ Fox Theatre

Mon, 10/12 9:30 PM --French Quarter, Iuengliss, Mib, Hideous Men, Josephine And The Mousepeople @ Rhinoceropolis

Thu, 10/15 9:00 PM -- Ezra Furman and the Harpoons, Brakes Brakes Brakes @ Hi-Dive

Sun, 10/18 8:00 PM -- Lake, Karl Blau, Married In Berdichev And More! @ Rhinoceropolis

Mon, 10/19 8:00 PM -- The Gossip, Men @ Bluebird

Tue, 10/20 9:00 PM -- Mt. Eerie (The Microphones As A Full Band!), No Kids (Vancouver), Bwc, Nervesandgel @ Rhinoceropolis

Fri, 10/23 9:00 PM -- Sunset Rubdown, Tune-Yards @ Bluebird

Tue, 10/27 9:00 PM -- Dan Deacon/Nuclear Power Pants/Abiku!/Pink Hawks! @ Rhinoceropolis

Wed, 10/28 8:00 PM -- The Chinese Stars, And More! @ Rhinoceropolis

Fri, 10/30 9:00 PM -- White Rabbits @ Rhinoceropolis

Sun, 11/08 8:00 PM -- Dirty Projectors @ Bluebird

Mon, 11/23 8:00 AM -- The Big Pink (w/ Crystal Antlers) @ Larimer Lounge

October 1, 2009

Thrift STore Cowboys are like the Bishop Allen of Alt. Country. I'm going to talk more about that, and put some pictures up, tomorrow after work.