July 21, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Lyrics Born

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I got Lyrics Born's album last year and quite enjoyed his fresh take on Hip-Hop. Not only empowering women, but taking cues from funk without completely ripping off older artists or taking it and bastardizing it. So I was pretty excited to see this year's Hip-Hop artist. Not only was the performance a breath of fresh air compared to all the rock bands I'd seen earlier that day, it was simply nice to see something that was as inviting and engaging as Lyrics Born. His band came out and beat out a few bitchin rhythms, followed by his female partner in crime who came out and pumped the crowd up. After a few more measures, the beat solidified to the main awesome song by Lyrics Born, Don't Change, and the MC himself burst on to the stage. The crowd was obviously happy to experience sounds a little more diverse than some of the other bands that day, which became evident by the way they were all moving and hopping around before the first song was halfway over, more of a reaction than I'd seen at some of the other stages that day. More likely, however, it was the fact that Lyrics Born and his crew were simply rad. At the end of their set they performed a song where everyone got to do a bit of a solo, which was nice, but was made Awesome by the way they performed a few measures of a Michael Jackson song (Beat It, Bad, etc.) right before the next solo. Then, at the end of the song, there was a second drum solo that went on for 2 or 3 minutes, which I will always marvel at, because that takes some sand to do something like that. Quite the performers, I must say.

Lyrics Born - Don't Change

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