July 21, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Ani Difranco

My buddy Cody is a huge fan of Ani Difranco, and, while I like her stuff, I've never been very drawn to her. When I got to her tent she started singing a song that put to mind an image of Gil Scott Heron and Alanis Morissette collaborating on a track, with quick, almost talking vocals and 90's alt. rock acoustic guitar rhythms. After that song was over, she switched to almost Kaki King style guitar work, still keeping with the traditional Alt. rock female vocals. Then she broke into a newer song, title unknown to me, about President Obama. The lyircs included "Thank you America for more than I expected," and the now iconic "Yes we can" slogan. I guess allI can say is Ani Difranco was everything I had expected her to be, and I was pleasently surprised by some of her newer material.

Ani DiFranco - 78% Water

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