July 21, 2009

Mile High Music Festival 2009 Wrap-Up: Rocco DeLuca

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In going back and listening to the album I have by Rocco DeLuca, I can see how they got to the point they're at now, but MAN it took some mental leaps and bounds on my part to do that. Rocco DeLuca was by far one of the most fantastically awe inspiringly brain microwaving performances of either day of the Mile High Music Festival. Their recorded stuff that I've heard was just general DMB, John Mayer etc. kind of stuff that, really, didn't have me very excited at all to see them. I was a little interested in the set up, as it appeared to be a lot smaller than I expected for a band that sounded the way the recording did.

Then a fellow came out and started turning knobs on top of a Marshall stack, creating a marginal amount of feedback. Then two gentlemen, Rocco and drummer Ryan, took the stage and quickly began to noise jam out. Glass slide in hand, Rocco made his guitar wail in inhuman tones, while Ryan kept the whole thing tethered to the ground with loud, heavy, simple beats. This went on for some time, and I quickly realized that this was not just some opening track, but that the whole set was going to be this wild uninhibited freak out. And I became VERY excited.

It was like the White Stripes, but less focused on getting through the songs and more focused on creating awesome sonic layers. the blues became a physical being right in the air before the shell shocked audience members, most of which looked on as a variable auditory apocalypse collapsed what they imagined they might be seeing this day when they came to the Rhapsody Tent. They dedicated a song to the spirit of Son House, which got only a few cheers, but I imagine that was more due to the fact that the audience had gone into a bit of a music coma. Only 15 minutes into the set and the cool kids on stage were all ready sweating profusely, which comes to no surprise considering what was occurring. Sweet and Salty Jesus it was astonishing. I found out later, during our interview, that they haven't recorded anything like what I had seen. Well Rocco and Ryan, I urge you to do so, because there is no one doing what you're doing right now, and the world needs to know. I feel bad posting this song by them because it no longer sounds ANYTHING like them, but it's really the best of the stuff I have:

Rocco DeLuca & The Burden - Colorful
Son House - My Black Mama, Pt. 1

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