February 27, 2007

By The Time The Sun's Gone Down Tonight You'll Know You're the Only One

So yeah, that's how pi works. anyway...

Oh indie-folk, you are an evil temptress. I spend quite a pretty penny making it to shows just to see 2 or 3 pained solo acts who decide to take their pain on the road, inevitably making theirs an even more pain filled life...

okay, enough of that babbling. I loves me some indie-folk (I wonder just how often I'm going to say that). The show at the Larimer Lounge last night was a show filled with the amazingness that is Langhorne Slim. But first, I'll start with the openers.

The Hollyfelds were the first band to play, and I was rather pleased the show opened with such a bright and cheerful band, despite the fact that their songs ranged from drinking to suicide to drinking (said the blogger playfully). I am actually kind of disappointed in the crowd because there were about seven people there for the first half of their set, and then about 12 people when they finished. While that means that when they looked into the crowd one of the lead singers recognized me from my myspace photo and kinda gave me a shout out, I'm still upset that there were not more people to appreciate their efforts. They covered a Neko Case song, and, though I dislike Ms. Case, I think the song was amazing (and I bet they did a much better job than Neko would have). I mostly think this because the singer who sang on that song had the voice of an angel (that's not to discredit the sultry vocals of the other singer, she was damn good too). I don't feel bad about hosting all of their songs (that I could find) because they have expressed that they want people to download and have all their songs, so here ya go:

The Hollyfelds - Dan's Song
The Hollyfelds - Old Carbon
The Hollyfelds - Indicision
The Hollyfelds - The Empress of Wyoming

this was the first time I saw the Greeley-based group Vitamins, but not for a lack of trying. Things just never worked out so that I'd be able to see them. Last night the stars must have been aligned just right. I was rather pleased to see that a few UNCO students came down for the show, filling the room nicely, and after about 10 minutes of sound-tech problems, the show got on, and the room filled with a dreamy-haze. Vitamins are a feel-good-a-holic's dream. well, maybe not the ultimate dream, but groovy people all the same. Listen up:

Vitamins - Brontosaurus
Vitamins - Shoot'em

Los Dos and The New American Ramblers were on next. Unfortunately the large crowd brought forth by Vitamins quickly dispersed back to Greeley, leaving the Larimer Lounge quite empty. Truthfully, I can understand to some degree why they wouldn't have stayed for Los Dos' set, but seriously, give the artists some credit for coming. This was actually the first time I'd ever heard of these fellas, and I have to say that I was rather pleased with their performance. I think that their placement in the evening could have been better coordinated, i.e. they could have played first, because their slow songs and country vocals really brought down what was left of the house, something that I think would have been better suited for the opening slot, seeming how the Hollyfelds and Vitamins had put this energy into the place that was, frankly, brought right down by Los Dos. They were good, damn good, but between the hi-energy acts like Vitamins and Langhorne Slim, it just didn't fit. here are some interestingly small (in size), but long (in duration) recordings of the boys in Los Dos.

Los Dos and The New American Ramblers - Mary and the Devil
Los Dos and The New American Ramblers - Bitter Water
Los Dos and The New American Ramblers - Dancing Down the Days
Los Dos and The New American Ramblers - Smile of Ivory
Los Dos and The New American Ramblers - Oil War Blues/Ain't No War Of Mine
Los Dos and The New American Ramblers - The River of the City
Los Dos and The New American Ramblers - God or the Thunder

Langhorne Slim put on quite the freeking show. I love those men. As soon as he took the stage, the room filled back up with good people in need of a good time, which Langhorne Slim delivered. There were the occasional issues with the sound guy and the equipment (Larimer Lounge can be kinda jank sometimes), but other than that there were absolutely no complaints, and I've not much more to say than SEE THESE MEN LIVE! I want to put the whole damn Langhorne Slim discography up, but that wouldn't be cool (since you ought to go out and buy it all), so I just put up a bunch. I hope it's not excessive. And while you could just as easily go over to the Daytrotter.com site and Download the Daytrotter session, I really want to stress that you have these songs, so I'm going to host the files right here too (but, if you can, give Daytrotter some well deserved traffic).

Langhorne Slim - My Future (off of Electric Love Letter)
Langhorne Slim - Lord (off of Electric Love Letter)
Langhorne Slim - Loretta Lee Jones (off of Electric Love Letter)
Langhorne Slim - Mary (off of When the Sun's Gone Down)
Langhorne Slim - I Will (off of When the Sun's Gone Down)
Langhorne Slim - English Tea (off of Daytrotter Session)
Langhorne Slim - By The Time the Sun's Gone Down (off of Daytrotter Session)
Langhorne Slim - She's Gone (off of Daytrotter Session)
Langhorne Slim - Restless (off of Daytrotter Session)

Since I don't have any live recordings of the Slim men, here are about a hundred videos of varying quality (the first one is amazing [b/c it's an actual music video]):

February 21, 2007

Fight Robot, Fight. I Know You Will Win.

I can't believe I haven't done a post about my boys Seve Vs. Evan yet.

The first time I went to Rhinoceropolis was to see this band who was being hyped by at least two people (hehe). I basically just went to get a new experience in and see some super-underground live music. I'll tell you right now: it blew me freeking away. I don't remember who the first two groups were ... possibly an early incarnation of Transistor Radio Sound ... whatev. Anyway, Seve vs. Evan rocked the freeking house down with their awesome Provo-party-style (yeah, yeah, I know their not from Provo, but Alpine doesn't have the same ring to it). Here are some tracks by my boys that you can take home and rock out with:

Seve Vs. Evan - Albert (off of My Girlfriend Has a Boyfriend)
Seve Vs. Evan - Little Red and Wolfie B. (remake for By the Sea EP)
Seve Vs. Evan - Lady Lady (off of Steam Powered Rocket Ship)
Seve Vs. Evan - Happy Together (The Turtles Cover)

Shortly after the release of their By The Sea EP, Sam Yule did some wonderful covers of their songs (which kind of made Drew Danburry upset, because apparently he was planning on doing the same, but Sam Yule beat him to it) and hosted them for free on myspace, which means I have no qualms hosting them all right here:

Sam Yule vs. Sevan - Mega Bomberman (off of By The Sea EP)
Sam Yule vs. Sevan - Take Me Home (off of My Girlfriend Has a Boyfriend)
Sam Yule vs. Sevan - Company (off of My Girlfriend Has a Boyfriend)
Sam Yule vs. Sevan - Seven Seas (off of My Girlfriend Has a Boyfriend)

There is a cover of Little Red and Wolfie B. on the Sam Yule Vs. Sevan site which, by the looks of it, went up not too long ago. it's not available for download, so you'll have to hear it there.

Since I couldn't find any live sets by them, these videos will have to do. They are all from the Live Seve Vs. Evan DVD. Thankfully the sound is straight from the sound board, so it's really pretty good :). I don't know the actual order of when the songs were performed, but I'd say this is a fair assumption:

Band: Seve Vs. Evan
Date: January, 2006
Venue: Velour, Provo, Utah

Carnival Funhouse

Night of the Lonely Cowboy

Excuse Me Mr. Captain Sir

Angry Unicorn Queen


P.S. I find it infinitely amusing that this is the blog that comes after mine today when I hit that little button "next blog:" 2pac

P.P.S. and this is number two.

February 18, 2007

It's Closer to Harrisburg

That is a completely unrelated picture from the web comic The Perry Bible Fellowship, which has absolutely nothing to do with God (just so you know).

(for some reason it seems like I've all ready posted this show ... but I can't seem to find the post where I did. If this is a re-post, I apologize, if not, here ya go)

Josh Ritter has one of the most haunting voices known to man, as long as you catch him in the right room playing the right songs. Thankfully some German radio station decided to record his concert at the Quasimodo in Berlin, Germany in January of last year. Still think Josh Ritter has too much of a country twang to him? During this show he gets close to ridding himself of it (and for those of you who like the twang, it's still there a bit), which makes songs like Harrisburg about 600% better. Hear for yourself:
Band: Josh Ritter
Date: 2006-01-22
Venue: The Quasimodo, Berlin, Germany

Radio Intro
Girl in the War
Roll On
Radio Outro

February 16, 2007

Monofog Consumes You

That's just an unrelated video by an amazing band by the name of mewithoutyou. Buy their music ... all of it ... all the time.

I really love local music. I think that it is just about the best thing ever. I'm big on supporting them, and hyping them as much as possible.

A few weeks ago one of my favorites, Monofog, had a CD release party/concert at the Larimer Lounge, and it was freeking amazing. They were supported by the Denver phenomenon that is The Magic Cyclops, followed by Fucking Orange, and Machine Gun Blues. The show started off awkwardly with an always peculiar Cyclops set, but then Fucking Orange, who I was seeing for the first time, destroyed. They were the nicest punks I think I've ever seen on or off the stage. They were just happy to play, which I think is the best way to be. Here's some music by my boys in Fucking Orange (which pales in comparison to their live show, but that pretty much goes without saying):

Fucking Orange - Whisky Challenge
Fucking Orange - Neohesh Begins

Machine Gun Blues took the stage, and proceeded to get mostly naked. Naked and drunk they might have been, but they sure knew how to get a crowd movin. Granted a fair portion was moving away from them so as not to be impaled by a guitar neck, but moving nonetheless.

Then Monofog took the stage, and right about here is where my beer buzzed brain started poping and locking internally. I loves me some Monofog. I may have been the only person dancing, but everyone was having a splendid time. Here is some tunes off of their glorious album Runner:

Monofog - Take My Flesh (My Personal Favie)
Monofog - iou

If you have a chance, see them, and they will eat your soul (but in a good way).

February 12, 2007

Part 1 of: A Song or Two By Every Prodigy-Related Group/Artist , By Memory

That's the only video Flint ever made. It's for Aim4.

So, mostly because I am obsessed with The Prodigy, I've decided to test myself and see how many different bands/groups/artists/whatev that are related to the Prodigy in some way (but all musically), if that makes any sense. Here goes (btw, there is no order, this is just coming out as I remember them):

First I'll start with side projects. Keith Flint, the face of the Prodigy has attempted a few side projects, none of which has actually resulted in the release of a full length. His first public attempt at a side project was a punk band Keith named after himself, Flint. the band, consisting of live Prodigy guitarist Jim Davies (also ex-Pitchshifter, who will come up later), live Prodigy drummer Kieron Pepper, and ... I believe Tony Howlett (I'm not sure on the first name), who is of no relation to Liam Howlett, who, interestingly enough, was also on drum kit. They released 1 CD single (Aim4), and 1 vinyl single (Asteroids) on pink vinyl none the less, and remixed/covered Marylin Manson's song mOBSCENE. (Which I find infinitely amusing because post Fat of the Land, MM was quoted as saying that he had a picture of Keith Flint's face on the bottom of the toilet seat cover so that whenever he "missed," it never felt like missing).

After recording their album Device #1, it was never released, though it was leaked (and is really not all that hard to find, so I won't be posting it here). Most of it anyway. There was also a cruel joke someone pulled on fans of the music that was, basically, tricking people into believing the two unreleased songs were free for d/l on a certain site, and, when d/l'ed and played, one could clearly hear that the "songs" were just 30 second samples looped over and over for 3 minutes. The whole thing was not a waste however, because, while Liam Howlett took the Flint song No Name No Number and turned it into his song Baby's Got a Temper (which is a godawful song), Liam Howlett also took the Flint song Razor, remixed it, and put it on the Prodigy Best of bonus disc.

Flint - Aim4
Flint - Razor + No Name No Number
Flint - mOBSCENE (reworked by Flint and Youth)

After the failure of Flint, Keith decided to try hip-hop. WTF most people way to that. Well, people didn't get a whole lot of time to say WTF, because after only a few months, Clever Fryin' Brains, Keith's Black Eyed Peas style, 6 membered, hip-hop mixed with a dash of punk band/group, disband. I hear, however, that the shows were simply fantastic. I dunno. I guess it would have been exceedingly entertaining if anything. Bah, who'm I kidding, if I'd have been near, I'd have gone in a second. There were only two songs recorded and released, and one was a mix. Here they are:

Clever Fryin 'Brains - Oozy
Clever Fryin 'Brains - Mix for Godskitchen

After the demise of Clever Fryin 'Brains, Keith has stuck firmly to his gardening (no joke), his new wife, and the money making machine that is The Prodigy.

February 2, 2007

Sheena is...

Sheena, gets around. She's been all over. She's been a Queen:

Joann Sevabstian Bork - Sheena The Queen-A he Nile

She's been a flighty sexualized hippie:

Trader Horne - Sheena

She's joined a goth gang:

The Cramps - Sheen's in a Goth Gang

Most recently she's been a parasite:

The Horrors - Sheena Is A Parasite

Though, most notably, she's been a punk rocker:

The Ramones - Sheena is a Punk Rocker
Brats on the Beat - Sheena is a Punk Rocker (BEST VERSION EVER!)
DJ Richard - Sheena is a Punk Rocker
The Ramainz - Sheena is a Punk Rocker

I'm sure Sheena has been so much more than that though. That girl really knows how to live.