July 9, 2009

Matt & Kim - Grand
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I've been a fan of Matt & Kim for a while now. Ever since their spirited show back in 06 with Dan Deacon, I have been supporting anything they say or do. Who could ever deny their smilin mugs? Admittedly, I have been waiting for a second release since about the end of 07, and when I got it back in early 09 (oh my), I didn't listen to it right off. In fact, I didn't listen to it until about 2 months after I picked it up. I couldn't even explain to myself why, but I suspect that I was afraid that they couldn't repeat the clever simplicity that their first release so wonderfully captured. I've heard the album maybe 10 times now, and I have to say it was better than I expected. It was not the ball buster I wanted, but I don't think I expected it to be. the album comes off almost as a hip-hop album with the simple, but now more interesting beats laid down by Kim (who was probably just sick of laying down 4 on the floor), but it puts a different amount of energy into the songs than was previously there. The added clicks and snaps are nice, but just there for seasoning. Matt's vocals are as squeaky as before, but I feel a little turned off by them. Now that the production on everything else has gone up, his vocals feel a little out of place, but not enough to ruin the album. I think that I'll definitely be excited to hear the 3rd release, because they'll have to really up the antie if they're going to hold people's interest.

Matt & Kim - Turn this Boat Around

Matt & Kim - I'll Take Us Home
Matt & Kim - Daylight (Outro Mix)

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