July 3, 2009

Bell X1 - Blue Lights on the Runway
My Thoughts: Love More (<3)-

Bell X1 is a strange band, in a sense. I'd never heard of them before this current release, but they've been around for more than 10 years now (I hate being behind the times, but you can't hear everything I suppose). The album opens up with a song that is, in a sense, absolutely perfect. I'm not saying the rest of the album is bad, but when compared to this epicly layer film of a song, the other songs fall a little short. There are strings, synths, choirs, charging drum beats, an amazing little cute story in the lyrics, etc. etc.. One of the best songs of the year.

That said, this album is very solid. A pleasant mixture of electronics and organic sounds are expertly layered in each song, giving each of them a sort of 80's cult classic film feeling. The chorus' sound as though I ought to all ready know the words, and that's always a good sign. Each song cheerfully chugs along, leading gently into the next 80's pop classic. It improves on the 80's pop sound though, filling it out with non-over-produced sounds, keeping the songs light and heart warming. There's also this David Byrne quality to it that I find endearing. Some songs drag on a little long, but when that's really the only complaint, what does that really say about the record?

Bell X1 - The Ribs of a Broken Umbrella
Bell X1 - Blow Ins
Bell X1 - One Stringed Harp

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