July 3, 2008

"Watch me! Bitch Watch Me! Bitch Watch Me!"

Lil Wayne - Tha Carter III
Verdict: Hate (-)
You know what I don't need? someone telling me how much better than me they think they are for roughly 70 minutes straight. Is there a strange sub-human type of being that actually enjoys to be belittled through music? If there is, then watch out, Donald Trump will probably produce an album. the lead single? "You're Fired." It'd probably be better than this rotten tripe.


Maybe if he wasn't so self obsessed I'd be interested. In his first song he even goes so far as to beg people to pay attention to him, like an child having a temper tantrum: "Watch me! Bitch watch me! Bitch watch me!" The whole first song doesn't even make any sense. There's not even a marginally cohesive theme to the lyrics. Half the time it sounds like he's just throwing words together and hoping the last words of the sentences rhyme. Which is probably why he chooses weak-ass words to rhyme with. That said, most the time he doesn't even rhyme ... and that wouldn't be so bad (I actually like progressive things like that) if it wasn't for the fact that it's what defines his genre.


I honestly got through the first song, then roughly 15 seconds of verse in each of the songs after that, then about halfway through I just gave up. Maybe the rest of the album is competent to some degree. I honestly don't even care at this point.


Well you know what they say about what you ought to do when a child is throwing a temper tantrum: IGNORE THEM ... it's the only way they'll learn to think for themselves and make good decisions and all that jazz. Why, then, am I not ignoring Lil' Wayne? Because, personally, I want him to continue down this path, and take all of the idiots who listen to his music to his shows and away from the shows I like to go to.

Lil' Wayne - 3 Peat

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bright lights said...

so noted. this album blew.