July 17, 2008

"This Might Be The Only Chance We Get" Part 2

I'll be posting my reaction to the HEALTH show as soon as I get my breath back. for now here's a re-review:

Represent! - The Dive Right In EP
: Indifferent (~)
I feel as though I gave this album a bad rap the first time I reviewed it. I've heard it a few more times now, and I think I was really harsh the first time. When I hear it now, I can tell a lot of work and love went into this album and ... all in all ... there is a lot of promise in this album. Represent! is not some hack who just steals things and reproduces them (it sounds like). Represent! just sounds really similar to things that I can't really relate to. I think that behind these songs though is a really talented artist just about to emerge, and, frankly, I look forward to the next stuff he comes out with.

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