July 9, 2008

"Sign Language. The 27th of September. September."

So I've been reviewing a lot of Pop BS recently (granted, the last 2 reviews were not very pop or BS, but still, I feel bad about ignoring the good stuff), and that's honestly not even a good representation of what I'm actually listening to. I think I was doing it just to make fun of how terrible popular culture is :). Anyway, I'm going to go straight to the underground for a while. Well ... maybe not entirely underground, but certainly non-mainstream. But, because I've got so many to get through, I'm not going to have time to say much about the albums :(. But that means you get a lot of music without a lot of gobbing... if that's even a word. Here we go:

Richard Swift - Richard Swift As Onasis
Verdict: Love (<)
Go-wild, completely unpolished blues rock.
Richard Swift - Knee-High Boogie Blues
Richard Swift - The German (Something Came Up)
Richard Swift - Whistle At The Bottom of a Shoe
Richard Swift - JLH

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