July 1, 2008

"If It Was Up To Me, and I Was You, Baby, I Wouldn't Leave Me Here, In the Snow."

So,another month has reached it's end, and, thanks to The Denver Show and Tell Project, a few local artists have come together and made a few songs based on the theme "Body Song." Some I liked more than others, but all in all there are few terrible tracks amongst the bunch. Each song has it's own corresponding picture. You ought to know how to download music from mediafire by now. go for it kiddos:

1. helen keller- Co-Ordinary

2. Ate Bitten- Stars Make Your Body Generic

3. nervesandgel- Tragedy

4. The Tickler- Enochian Knee Itch

5. susan susan- Static Bodies

6. Single Skips- A Thousand Looped Voices (Ankle Bracelet)

7. faithful family and friends- Bodying Song

8. Emily Frembgen- The Snow

9. Halloween Swim Team- Numb

10. Rasmussen- Diphenhydramine

11. el barco del astronauta w/ Laura- What Would I Do

12. baby conor- Kevin Costner

13. Sugar Ghost- Truth

14. Dang Head- Tired and Broken

15. littles paia- The Winner Takes It All (Abba cover)

More posts soon to follow.

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