July 10, 2008

"If You Want My Lovin, If You Really Do, Don't Be afraid Baby, Just Ask Me "

An awesome reader of this humble blog contacted me and gave me a track that Thao Nguyen recorded like 6 months ago. Long-time readers know that Thao Nguyen holds a special place in my heart, so for me to have missed out on this is peculiar, but it provides the opportunity to still have that sense of wonder that one gets when they find old stuff they didn't know about. So, I'd like to thank Alex for helpin a brother out and hooking me up with this cover of Aretha Franklin's song Baby, I Love You as performed by Thao Nguyen:

Thao Nguyen - Baby, I Love You (Aretha Franklin Cover)

Here's the video of it:

Thao Nguyen- Baby I Love You - The Hive

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Anonymous said...

Thao is awesome! Thankyou.