July 1, 2008

"Don't Ever Test Her Or Disrespect Her"

Lyrics Born - Everywhere At Once
Verdict: Love (<)
Funk-Rap-R&B artist Lyrics Born has a pretty good message most the time, which is good, because sometimes rap gets a bad reputation for being misogynistic, and it's good to have another artist to point at and say "see, they don't all hate women and love guns and money." Where the album falls short is that the beats can get a little repetitive sometimes, but it's a pretty good album all in all. Oh, I almost forgot to mention: you know all those "skits" that rap albums have that are utterly worthless? Well this album has a skit that is by far the best skit ever. Seriously, check out the music, but also check out the Homeland Security skit.

Lyrics Born - Homeland Security
Lyrics Born - Don't Change
Lyrics Born - Top Shelf (Anything U Want)
Lyrics Born - I Can't Decide (Everywhere at Once)

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