July 24, 2008

"Just Let Go. You Look Down, and See There's Nothing Below"

The Faraway Places - out of the rain, the thunder & the lightning
Verdict: Love More (<3)+
I was 1 song in (not counting the intro track) and all ready I knew this was no mere LP. This album is immaculate. It is the perfect pop album. I don't feel right giving it a rating of "Someone to Love More Than Music (<3>)" quite yet ... but that's really only because I've not really had an extended amount of time to spend with it. I can only imagine that by the end of the year, this will either be my favorite album of the year, or it'll be damn close. I mean, the band is comprised of members and/or former members of the Broken West, Papas Fritas, the Bedroom Walls, and the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Rarely can you go wrong with a line up like that. You know what I really love though? Their art extends further than just the space that this album contains. This band has ... now get this ... "omniphonic" shows. Download these songs, then read below to find out what I'm talking about:

(A release date hasn't been announced yet, so right now, this is all the public will be able to get a high-quality hand on):

1) One Other (intro)
2) The Sun Goes West
3) Keep It Alive (can be heard on the myspace page)
4) F.F.F.F.Falling Down (can be heard on the myspace page)
5) You Can Cry
6) Just Let Go
7) Back In My Head
8) Run While True
9) Still Be There
10) One Other Another (outro)

Press release for an omniphonic show they're doing Aug 2:

The Faraway Places Modal Energy Music Configuration
with artist Terry Chatkupt in
The Inverted Pyramid: Omniphonic synthesizer ensemble + ceiling lightshow

10:00, Aug 2 at Sea & Space Explorations, Highland Park

The Faraway Places Modal Energy Music Configuration is an experimental multimedia music ensemble specializing in unique "omniphonic" performances that literally surround the audience.

On August 2 they will perform "The Inverted Pyramid" at Sea & Space Explorations, a Highland Park artspace dedicated to conceptual art and performance. This performance will involve a ring of musicians playing vintage synthesizers around an audience which is reclining while viewing video projections by Terry Chatkupt on the ceiling.

They have performed at several California artspaces, including Machine Projects, Sea & Space Explorations, the Outpost for Contemporary Art, and Southern Exposure in San Francisco. In November they will perform at LACMA as part of an event curated by Machine Projects.

As many as 15 people join core members Chris Colthart and Donna Coppola, creating rhythmic sheets of sound that evoke Alice Coltrane, Steve Reich, Philip Glass, Sun Ra, and 60s psychedelic rock.

The Faraway Places also play as a psych/krautrock band, combining experimental techniques with pop songcraft from a bygone era. They are currently releasing their 2nd record, "Out of the Rain, the Thunder & the Lightning." Their debut, "Unfocus On It," received praise upon its release in 2004 on the LA label Eenie Meenie and on Bella Union in Europe.

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