July 21, 2008

Mile High Music Festival Wrap-Up Pt. 8

After Lupe, I was dead tired. I filled up my water bottle and re-joined the horde of people waiting around to see Tom Petty. I knew I knew his songs, and knew that he'd be around forever and that I needed to see him at least once, so I stuck around. I had to sit down though, because I was so tired. Then, soon, I had to lay down. Then an indeterminable amount of time passed as I slept. Then I woke up, looked around, realized I was still at the festival, packed up and went home. As I left Tom Petty played "Free Falling," and for the first time I realized that I never really did like that song.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers - Don't Do Me Like That

Day 2 to come next.

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