July 21, 2008

Mile High Music Festival Wrap-Up Pt. 9

Again thanks to previous obligations, on Day 2 I arrived a little later than I would have wanted to. I missed the Whigs, a band I was super excited to see. I hope they did well.

The Whigs - Like a Vibration

I did arrive in time to see Ingrid Michaelson, however. At times her soft folky songs were almost over taken by the mindless babbling that was going on inside the tent, which was a shame, because there is a certain amount of beauty in Ingrid's music. After a while, though, I wasn't really too concerned with whether or not she was being overpowered, because, frankly, she was a little obnoxious. One particularly spicey phrase kept coming to mind when I was thinking about describing the show, and it was that "I prefer a little more modesty in my Newly Famous Indie Pop Divas." Seriously, she's been on the scene since maybe 2003, and, while a talented pop writer (i.e. she knows what sounds just cute enough to pull people in), she's probably only famous because of a couple lucky shots with TV commercials and TV shows. The Way I Am is a damn cute song, but it doesn't mean that you can act like the audience is just a bunch of puppets for you play with. I don't know, maybe she just has a harsh personality, but maybe she has let all this press get to her head too fast. Ingrid, maybe be on the (brokensocial)scene as long as lil miss Leslie has been, then you can toy with people (though even Leslie wouldn't do that [i've seen her, she loves her audience]).


Okay, so that was really harsh. I did like her music, and chances are she's not a bad person. It was a good performance.

Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I Am

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