July 21, 2008

Mile High Music Festival Wrap-Up Pt. 2

Because of previous obligations I didn't make it to the festival grounds until about 1:30, meaning I missed both Born in the Flood and Meese, two Denver local bands that are pretty much essentials at this point. I did however get there in time to see State Radio, whom I'd never heard anything by.

Born in the Flood - Low Flying Clouds
Messe - Letters

State Radio was like a mix between Dave Matthews Band and Rage Against the Machine with the drummer from Mastodon. So kind of a harder, almost Nü-metal sounding Jam band. Every once and a while you could hear a bit of a Sublime influence in the guitar playing, and what might have been System of a Down influenced bass lines, but they were mostly just a sort of off-kilter pop Jam band. For one or two songs they slipped into reggae, pulling heavily from Bob Marley/Peter Tosh style Reggae. All in all, I was rather impressed with them. Granted, I got bored a little bit before they ended and went to go get a good spot to see Josh Ritter, but still, they did hold my interest fairly long for a Jam Band type of band.

State Radio - Fall of the American Empire

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