July 3, 2008

"I Joke About Trash 'Cause It Takes Class To Be Enlightened"

The Dresden Dolls - No, Virginia...
Verdict: Love (<)
Here's the thing: I'm not really a huge fan of the Dresden Dolls. But this B-side collection actually has some rather boss songs. These songs are ... well ... dark. And not just for Darkness' sake either. After I got past the first 2 songs (which I still have yet to listen to in their entirety) I found myself having a generally good time listening to their songs. So, naysayers, I ask you to just forget for a moment that the songs are by the Dresden Dolls, and once you've fallen in love with the songs, maybe you'll have more respect for the Dolls, much like I did after giving the album a chance:

The Dresden Dolls - The Gardener
The Dresden Dolls - Lonesome Organist Rapes Page-Turner
The Dresden Dolls - Pretty In Pink (Psychedelic Furs cover)

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