July 21, 2008

Mile High Music Festival Wrap-Up Pt. 3

Next came Mr. Josh Ritter and his band, who ever since I heard an acoustic live set on a German radio show I knew I had to see at least once. One thing can be said about Josh Ritter, and that is that he was probably one of the most jovial performers at the Mile High Music Festival.

He was laughing and smiling and wouldn't stop talking about how much of an honor it was to play the MHMF. They played a few songs before I realized I really wasn't having the greatest time. It occured to me that his music was a little bit to "pop country" for me. Maybe I should have listened to his newest album more than once or twice before I saw him, but ... I don't know ... maybe his music has changed since I was really into it. The last stuff I really liked was the stuff off of The Animal Years, and the stuff he performed on Saturday only held onto that sound by a few threads. My faith was restored with a spectacularly titilating performance of Girl in the War, but, admitedly, that may just have been because of the fact that I adore that song (along with half the indie-rock world I imagine).

Josh Ritter - Harrisburg (Live)

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