July 22, 2008

Man, I was harsh

So I've been thinking about it, and I feel really bad about being as harsh as I was to a few of the bands who played Mile High Music Festival, namely Ingrid Michaelson and O.A.R. and the fans of such bands. These musicians work their butts off to make the music that they truly love, and this music truly speaks to the fans of the music, and I was too critical of it. Some of the music I heard at the Mile High Music Festival was just not for me, plain and simple, but I do know that an incredible amount of people went to the festival and had the time of their life, and more power to them. There needs to be more appreciation of the arts in my opinion, and I should not have looked down on some of these bands as harshly as I did. No, no one e-mailed me and told me I was being too harsh, I just thought about how I would feel if I had been reviewed so harshly. Anyway, everyone who played the Festival was there for a reason: they're talented, hard working musicians that good people enjoy.

In other news: I'll be posting my review of the HEALTH show just as soon as I finish watching Electroma.

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