December 30, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Love More, Pt. 3

Love More (<3)
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07 and High Places
I first saw High Places at Rhinoceropolis 2 summers ago, and I just chalked their sound up to the sound system that Rhino had at the time. But, I was wrong, as it turns out their recordings are pure sonic assaults. Found sounds have never felt so full and tribal. These are not albums that you listen to without really listening to it, because it might be a little bland. I had to delve into it in order to really hear all the subtleties, and once you do so, you find a cornucopia of musical findings and rhythms.
from 7" collection:
High Places - Sandy Feat (7" Version)
High Places - Banana Slugs/Cosmonaut
from self titled:
High Places - Golden
High Places - The Storm

Birdmonster - From The Mountain To The Sea
Pure indie pop genius. I've infrequently touched by lyrics, but the rhythm and the sound of Peter Arcuni's voice just reaches out and grabs you. The instrumentals are unabashedly indie pop, but there is nothing wrong with that, especially when you play the way the members of Birdmonster do. Maybe a runner up for feel good album of the year.
Birdmonster - Born To Be Your Man
Birdmonster - Heart of The Dead

The Good Old Fashioned Sinners/Lil' Slugger - Lil' Slugger/The Good Old Fashioned Sinners Split CD
There are many things I love about Denver. Okay, mainly I love the music scene. These two bands are reason enough. I think Lil' Slugger is one of the most inventive and intellectual bunch of musicians I've come across (just talk to them, you might be surprised). I didn't like their half as much as I liked their full release, but I have to say I'm happy with anything I can get by these guys. The Good Old Fashioned Sinners are not musically as peculiar as Lil' Slugger, I feel, but it's still pretty great. It countryish, yes, but it's super distorted and full of life. The lyrics are, I think, ironic, but I'm not much of a lyrics man sometimes, and the music is what really drew me in. All in all, a good split.
Lil' Slugger - A Cascade of Strawberries, ...
The Good Old Fashioned Sinners - Heavy Doubts

The Accidental - There Were Wolves
I don't fully understand why I enjoy this band as much as I do. The guitar work is not the most intricate, and the vocals are not that unique. But maybe it's a Philip Glass situation: you don't need a lot of stuff to make good music, you just need the minimum, which is a talent for song writing, and some genuine musicianship. This band may not even embody that idea, but all of that jib-jab aside, I find myself drawn to this album again and again. The lyrics stand out quite bit, but not because they don't fit, rather because they are very unassuming and pleasant in nature, but the things that are sung are remotely heartbreaking. I mean, I'm not in tears while I listen to it, but I think that makes it more relatable, because if they were going for tears, it would probably sound too over the top.
The Accidental - Knock Knock
The Accidental - I Can Hear Your Voice

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