December 30, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Love More, Pt. 2

Love More (<3)
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Remik's Cube
As I've said before, I'm always a little cautious of remix albums, but this one was actually pretty good. Considering the fact that I didn't much like YSP!WSD!'s last album very much, I'm lead to believe that maybe the songs just weren't mixed in a way that I really liked, because this album is composed of each song from Lose All Time, remixed, and put in the same order. These songs are dancy and punky and fun and ridiculous. Nice. I still can't really fall for the songs as hard as I'd want to, but I bet their next album is going to be fantastic.
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Monster (RAC Remix)
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Moon (Wallpaper Remix)

You!Me!Dancing! - Wasserloslich
French Electro dance artist, not to be confused with a song by Los Campesinos!, which brings to mind a great deal of artists that I can't doubt have inspired him in some way. A few tracks sound straight up Prodigy Experience inspired, and other sound a little bit like something Crystal Castles may have produced. Dan Deacon slides in there every once and a while, and there might even be a few nods to traditional 90's rave culture. Whatever is driving this French boy by the name of Chris, if he keeps this up, and maybe get a tour or two going, he'll be up there with his idols (Dan Deacon is in his top friends, so I'm left to assume...) in very little time.
You!Me!Dancing! - Mazurka
You!Me!Dancing! - Under the Kraft Paper

The Lisps - Country Doctor Museum
I don't remember the first time I heard them, but their song "I'm Sorry" will forever be one of my favorites. The songs are full of soul and the vocals are so sweet you'll get a cavity. Folky and heartwarming are terms that don't even begin to explain how I feel about these songs. They're perfect, for what they are. I feel like The Lisps, at the point when they made this album, couldn't have done better. I feel like, when I saw them, they were all ready reaching beyond these songs, and if that's true, then this album will quickly be forgotten. Part of me wants that to happen, part of me wants it not to, because I truly feel happy when I listen to these songs. I'm excited to hear their new musical though :)
The Lisps - I'm Sorry
The Lisps - Heaven

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