December 22, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Like, Pt. 7

Like ( )
Rocket from the Crypt - R.I.P.
Not really my kind of album, but the fact that these guys are talented enough to keep my interest says a lot.
Rocket from the Crypt - A+ in Arson Class

The Chapin Sisters - Lake Bottom
I didn't really listen to it that often after I reviewed it. Maybe once or twice. Over all good songs, but nothing that really sticks with you. (see original review)
The Chapin Sisters - Kill Me Now

Kaki King - Dreaming Of Revenge
Man, she was SO DAMN GOOD live, and John Darnielle raved about the album, but I just can't get myself to really dig it. She is an immaculate guitar player, but sometimes some of the songs just aren't catchy enough. They certainly don't capture the feeling and power of her live show.
Kaki King - Pull Me Out Alive

Matt and Isom - August Jesus Depression
A many layered album that is quite the labor of love. I say that because you don't have songs like that sound like this without a lot of work. Not to say this sounds over produced, but it's a complicated album. The most mixed up song being the first one, here's a more mellowed out song
Matt and Isom - Poor Little Rich Girl

Moby - Last Night
Pretty chill. What else would you expect from Moby?
Moby - Disco Lies

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