December 30, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Love More, Pt. 13

Love More (<3)
Sigur Rós - Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
I have to say I was not expecting this album to sound the way it did at all. The first track jumps up and beats on your brain in ways so completely foreign to any Sigur Rós fan that it's bound to have made a few people simple turn the record off. Sigur Rós is known for their spacey, ethereal Post-Rock tendencies, so to see this new, energetic, and all around joyous album is a fairly strange thing indeed. Possibly the most uplifting album of the year.
Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook
Sigur Rós - Ára bátur

Why? - Alopecia
This is one of those albums that I point people to when they tell me that few good albums came out this year. Because of Why?'s atypical rapping habits, people may be turned off by these songs, but I charge you really delve into the irregularities and really groove with it. Why? is another of those rappers that, I have to say, completely confuses me with his lyrics. Why? could be talking about anything. This is another one of those Hip-Hop acts that I will forever have respect for because, behind it all, there's a band, and to think a full band could make such curious compositions is a darn good band.
Why? - These Few Presidents
Why? - Brooks & Waxing

Murder by Death - Red Of Tooth And Claw and Fuego! EP
Daaaaaamn good. There are those who feel that it didn't match up to their older stuff or even to their own potential, but I think it was just fantastic. I had mentioned that Johnny Cash would be proud of these fellas had he had the chance to hear them, but now I'm leaning more toward the idea that they no longer owe anything to Mr. Cash, they've made their own way. Bravo MbD.
from the album:
Murder by Death - Comin' Home
Murder by Death - The Black Spot
from the EP:
Murder by Death - My Baby Shot Me Down (live)

Bryan Scary and The Shredding Tears - Flight of the Knife
Bryan Scary, as it turns out, is a genius. I had mentioned that this album shows certain affinity towards bands like Queen, well after listening to it a few more times, I can safely say that this album belongs along side the Queen catalog and the Who catalog as one of the most epic rock operas around. The virtuosity shown on the album, however, surpasses anything that either of those bands have pumped out. A bold statement, but you have to realize that while I respect those bands, I've never been extraordinarily impressed by them. Bryan Scary impresses me.
Bryan Scary - Flight of the Knife (pt. I)
Bryan Scary - Mama Waits


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