December 29, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Love, Pt. 9

Love (<)
Thee Oh Sees - The Master's Bedroom is Worth Spending A Night In
Thee Oh Sees are a peculiar bunch. I instantly attached to the album, but after a while I found myself only listening to a few key songs. After I noticed that I went back and listened to the other songs and there was nothing wrong with them, they just didn't grab me. This release appears to be the first big release by TOS, so I am excited to hear the stuff they're going to come out with next.
Thee Oh Sees - Ghost in the Trees

Mahjongg - Kontpab
I don't know many people who would really like this album, but that's probably because of the circle of friends I have. The music is repetitive to the point of becoming a churning, living rhythm. The entire album is shamelessly devoted to rhythm and layered beats. It brings you back to tribal moments in your species' history. Masterful. for fans of Fuck Buttons.
Mahjongg - Pontiac

King Khan and The Shrines - The Supreme Genius of King Khan and The Shrines
"My baby's fat, she's ugly." This album is like a mix of James Brown, the Hives, and a psychedelic ska band. Wicked fun and offensive on purpose. I need to see them live. And so do you, I have a feeling.
King Khan and The Shrines - Took My Lady to Dinner

Elks - Elks
A sort of mix of Tool and Foals, Elks is (are?) a straaaange group straight outta London. Their music instantly drew me in, but turned me off. I could tell there were amazing parts to it, but it was hard to get attached. I listened to it many times, and it grew on my like I knew it would, but it's weird that I had to do listen to it a couple times in order to really like it. It's a damn good album though. These guys are talented, and they only reason they're not as popular as Foals is because they're not as pop-y as Foals, and they're not as metal as Tool. these are not bad things.
Elks - London

Varsovia - EP
Indie Rock beginnings are always hard to talk about, because you never know what might happen (*cough* ... The Black Kids). But I think this band has a good thing going for them. They kind of worry me sometimes, because if it doesn't get more inventive than this, then it's not really going to rock my world. That said, the commercial world might just jump all over it. I like them, and I'd like to see them go far.
Varsovia - Monster

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