December 22, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Like, Pt. 5

Like ( )
The Whigs - Mission Control
Not a phenomenal album, but they definitely have one great song. I think I saw them like 3 times this year and their live show def. makes these songs come alive. (see original review)
The Whigs - Like a Vibration

Scarlett Johansson - Anywhere I Lay My Head
Yeah, I love Tom Waits. So when someone covers the songs, I'm going to like them. But the thing is that the fact that these are covers of Tom Waits songs is the only thing holding this record together. I'm not saying Scarlett isn't a good musician, but I think I'll hold my opinion on all that until she comes out with her own songs. The album just makes you sleepy after a while is all I'm saying...
Scarlett Johansson - I Don't Want To Grow Up

Aubrey Debauchery & the Puke Boots - He's a Damn Good Liar
I love Aubrey's old stuff a whole bunch (thanks to my friend Kiyomi), but this album was a little bit too country for me.
Aubrey Debauchery & the Puke Boots - Accordion Song

Bun B - II Trill
The thing is that Bun B is misogynistic sometimes, and that just sucks. I don't think we ought to say "well that's to be expected in mainstream hip-hop," because that just makes it okay. Women are awesome, and pushing music that says otherwise is wrong. There are not very many examples of misogyny on the album, but it makes me hate those parts. But the thing is that his voice sounds awesome, and his beats are phat, so I'm still drawn to the good songs. Plus he uses one of my absolute favorite words: Trill. Best word ever. He does have a good message every once in a while (re: the song below), but I find it troubling that the song that follows the song below on the album is a song that gets pretty gross with misogyny.
Bun B - Get Cha Issue

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