December 30, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Love More, Pt. 12

Love More (<3)
The Black Angels - Directions To See A Ghost
Owing more to the Velvet Underground than just their name, I feel that The Black Angels do not, in so many words, rip them off. They are, in my mind, a continuation of what the Velvet Underground were heading toward after The VU & Nico, but didn't go toward. That essentially means this band represents what I would have liked to see from the VU, but didn't. It's like the VU's spirits split after the release of VU & Nico and the half I really connected to was sent to the 2000's, where it formed the The Black Angels. This album is unquestionably The Black Angels' sound, but the distortion, the nonchalant vocals, etc., are all thanks to the Velvet Underground.
The Black Angels - The Return
The Black Angels - Mission District

Black Mountain - In The Future
I said it pretty well the first time. It's still just as epic. (see original review)
Black Mountain - Queens Will Play
Black Mountain - Tyrants

Quiet Village - Silent Movie
This album reminded me a lot of a soundtrack to a film I want to live. The title couldn't be more fitting. It's super sultry and sexier than anything on the dance floor. Ambient at times, but that's because they have to set the mood before they romp on your cerebellum. For fans of Blue States. Hell, Blue States, check out this band, you may like them.
Quiet Village - Circus of Horror
Quiet Village - Pillow Talk

Brazilian Girls - New York City
Another very sexual album, but in an entirely different way. While Quite Village will seduce you slowly, maybe slip you a drink, Brazilian Girls, will win you over with their looks, and if that doesn't do it for you, then surely the fact that this band is pure exotic sex. I don't think anyone will see this band coming when they finally get noticed by the nation. The album flirts with tango rhythms more than anything else (I feel), but they play a lot of different styles that would fit well in any sort of heavily stylized night club. While listening to this album, you expect a waitress in slim fitting dress to come up to your table with pouty lips and say that this person over there, no, over there, just bought you this drink, and they'd like it if you shared it with them. It's, if anything, a suggestive album, and a dancy one at that.
Brazilian Girls - St. Petersburg
Brazilian Girls - Nouveau Americain

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