December 22, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Like, Pt. 14

Like ( )
Dark Meat - Universal Indians
This album is a very soulful album. Hip-hippies and their jam outs are to be expected, but there's a chance of awesomeness on the horizon.
Dark Meat - Well Fuck You Then

The Whitsundays -The Whitsundays
Groovsters delight at times, bluesy and soulful at other times. It didn't suck me in, but the songs are very well put together, and there's a lot of brainpower behind it all.
The Whitsundays - I Want It All

Louis XIV - Slick Dogs And Ponies
The thing is that this album had a freaking Stellar opening track. I loved the album because of it. Then I heard the album a few more times and it wasn't that great. not terrible, but not the best. KILLER opening track. One of the best this year. (see original review)
Louis XIV - Guilty By Association

The Wurst Nightmare - Greatest (s)Hits
A joke band that released 11 absolutely hilarious covers. It's funny once probably, but I had a great time trying to figure out what the songs were. There are actually quite a few very competent effects that who ever is behind this project uses. It might just be an experiment to see what the songs would sound like crappy bands played them. It's free, so track that skag down. My favorite:
The Wurst Nightmare - Wogs Ann

Again, expect the next section to be posted sometime soon after the 25th.

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