December 22, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Like, Pt. 4

Like ( )
Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
A lot of people seemed to go batkite crazy for these guys and I have to say I never really got what was so stellar about them. The album is good, but it's not the best thing ever. I liked it.
Cut Copy - Lights & Music

Danielson - Trying Hartz
I never know what to think about "best of''s. I would recommend just going out and getting everything by Danielson, but I know that that's kind of hard to do and that most people probably wouldn't like everything by Danielson, so if you think that's you, then maybe you should check this out, because it really does compile a lot of the best songs by Danielson (except, instead of the original version of Nice of Me it has this weird live version that just doesn't cut it).
Daneielson - Don't You Be The Judge (Live)

I Was A Teenage Satan Worshiper - The Lemonade Ocean
Very much a band that is sure to be someone's guilty pleasure. Dancy and ridiculous and they probably only care about dancing and being ridiculous. Fun? hellllz yes.
I Was A Teenage Satan Worshipper - Pop (H)ate(s) Itself

The Tom Fun Orchestra - You Will Land With A Thud
Mr. Waits would be proud. (see original review)
The Tom Fun Orchestra - When You Were Mine

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