December 30, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Love More, Pt. 10

Love More (<3)
Yo! Majesty - Kryptonite Pussy
Wow. This fine lady has ... well she hasn't exactly turned the tables, but she certainly came out of no where (as far as I'm considered). Remarkably she's a bit of a misogynist. See, Yo! likes the ladies, so her songs are kind of like the songs by male hip-hopper counterparts, except with a woman saying those things. It's a little off putting, and I don't really know what to think about it, but I'm pretty sure I'm not all that okay with it, because it's still misogyny. But other than that one song that she says those things, this EP is quite the ride. The beats are very strange, and the words are quite ludicrous. What's not to love?
Yo! Majesty - Hey There Girl

Islands - Arm's Way
This album took me a while to really love, but on first listen I knew that would be the case, because it's a really dense album, and with dense albums, you need to give it a little time. Being a fan of anything Islands/The Unicorns related, I put that time into it, and I must say it paid off. It sounds like a more full, more fulfilling Of Montreal album, but is still Islands through and through. I feel that the lyrical ability has rocketed up compared to anything else I've heard from these characters, and the music has done nothing but get more complicated and intricate. Like I said, the album is waaay more dense than anything else by these cats, which may make it harder for some people to get into the album, but I charge those people to give it more of a chance, because it's really quite impressive what's been created here.
Islands - In The Rushes
Islands - Creeper

Japanther - Tut Tut Now Shake Ya Butt
This album threw me quickly. It bangs your head for a few tracks, then Crass' Penny Rimbaud does some 10 minute poetry that shakes you to your bones. then it's back to the dance track. It goes back and forth for a while, leaving me quite confuzzeled, but very pleased. Heck even Spank Rock makes an appearance on the 11 track album. I found myself skipping the tracks Penny tracks when I wasn't in the mood, and if you do that, you're left with 6 tracks, which, while good, is a bit of a bummer when all you wanna do is dance.
Japanther - Radical Businessman (feat. MC Spank Rock)
Japanther - Africa Seems So Far Away (feat. Penny Rimbaud)

Jukebox The Ghost - Let Live and Let Ghosts
Stellar piano parts, composed by one of the best piano players I've seen play a club, mixing with guitar and drumming, all brought together with three part harmonies (well, maybe two, but after two, it gets hard to really tell how many people are in that sound). Absolutely one of the best groups I've seen this year, and their album shows people why that is.
Jukebox The Ghost - Under My Skin
Jukebox The Ghost - Where Are All The Scientists Now?

Man Man - Rabbit Habits
Tribal, of course, but not as fulfilling as Man Man's last release. It was nice to finally have a good version of "Top Drawer," and the other songs are just as out of control as anything else Man Man has pumped into our brainosphere, but I just didn't feel it like I did the last one. Fact is everything pales in comparison to their live show. If you're heard their music and love it, I warn against seeing them live, because, while it is one of the best live shows you'll ever experience, the recordings will never live up to it. A lot of bands use found objects as instruments, but only Man Man is bold enough to use actual firecrackers. Their music is like getting swept up in a storm that will introduce toi to the pope's hippie brother. Unusual? oui.
Man Man - Top Drawer
Man Man - Poor Jackie

Lykke Li - Youth Novels
I think the main reason I enjoyed this album was because it reminded me of Roybn's newest work, which I just adore. I like this album more than what Robyn has put out so far, but I think that's because this album is more weird. It's still a little bit indie-club-hip-hop-ish, but it's certainly less conventional that Robyn's stuff (which is saying a lot, because Robyn isn't no Britney). The songs are peculiar in that they have strange beats and her lyrics/flow is not very pop. I don't mean to allude that it's a rap album, but there are a few hints at straight rap. A darn strange record.
Lykke Li - Complaint Department
Lykke Li - Little Bit

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