December 29, 2008

'08's Music to Love More Than Music: Love, Pt. 13

Love (<)
Ayreon - 0101100
I had a lot of trouble placing this album on the list. I knew I enjoyed it, but depending on the day, I either loveloveloved it or I found it interesting but boring. I'm settling with this section of the list because I am in awe of Arjen Anthony Lucassen's many talents. The album makes me wonder what he's going to do next though, because this album marks what would appear to be the final chapter in the storyline that he has been developing since the first Ayreon album. To The Future!
Ayreon - Age Of Shadows

The Raveonettes - The Raveonettes REMIXED + Sometimes They Drop By + Beauty Dies + Wishing You A Rave Christmas EP
I, as a few people may or may not have noticed, LOVE the Raveonettes. These EP's, alone, were all right. Each one had it's own charm, but nothing too lasting. If you put them all together, it's not really a cohesive feeling, but it still feels a bit like a new album, which is what I'm basically always ready for when it comes to the Raves. All in all, the songs are fine, but they kind of feel like songs that they just needed to get out of their system so they could get ready for their next LP. Here's a sample from each:
The Raveonettes - Lust (Trentemøller Remix)
The Raveonettes - Way Out There
The Raveonettes - Here Comes The End
The Raveonettes - Christmas in Cleveland

Yoda's House - Yoda's House
New Mexican sextet Yoda's House is, in my opinion, up there with the big boys of post rock. This being what appears to be their first release ever, I'd say these kids have a fine grasp on what it is to be a musician.
Get the entire Cassette here for free

Various - Not Wave
A very eclectic mix of peculiar music, to say the least. I'd only heard of one of the artists, and that was because I'd heard their cover of Spoon's song "I Turn My Camera On" (which is included in the compilation). The entire albums does sort of accomplish what the compilers wished (to compile music they deem "Not Wave," which is like "New Wave" music, but not [so they say]), but since I the whole thing is kind of vague, I suppose I'm still a little confused. Either way, the comp is interesting and certainly has me on the look out for some of the artists on there, which was the real point I suppose.
Tussle - Elephants Meandering
Freshro - I Turn My Camera On (Spoon Cover)
Welcome Stranger - Smoke Machine

The Raconteurs - Counselors of the Lonely
I had forgotten about this album until just the other day, actually, when my housemate Joe was listening to it. I remembered that my buddy Brian was all over this album when it came out, and I was skeptical. At some point over the summer I decided to give it a chance and by about 1/2 way through I realized it was actually pretty good. A White Stripes fan 'til the end, I liked the Jack White sung songs more, but t'others were pretty good too. A little on the country side, but if you know anything about the band, you all ready knew that.
The Raconteurs - Carolina Drama

Again, make sure to come back for the next 2 sections, "Love More" and "Love More Than Music," and the favorite album of the year post :).

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