September 5, 2008

Really, what is there to do with a day? After reading James Murphy's latest myspace blog entry, the rest of the day seems pretty open.

But reading about how the Monolith Music Festival is planning on doing the 2nd Annual Monolith Festival Urban Reforestation Project (On September 11 at 11:30 a.m. over 570 children associated with CP of Colorado will gather at the CP of Colorado’s new Vanguard Classical School campus in Denver to learn about urban reforestation through tree plantings and the benefits their actions have on the environment. Plus Cloud Cult will be playing for the kiddies. Lucky lil chillins.), well I just want to get up and do something.

Then I remember that I have classes and a job and a band, and between the three of them, I have almost enough free time to run this blog. And you see how well that's going as of late haha ;).

But then I get hopeful for the Monolith Music Festival (in 1 French week [8 days]!), especially when I read about how they've added a bunch of new artists to the line up, such as Hockey, Handsome Furs, SoundRabbit, Snowden, The Dutchess & the Duke, Passion Pit, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, White Williams, Dressy Bessy, KaiserCartel, The Veils, The Muslims, Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons, Electric Touch, Young Coyotes, Moonspeed, Astra Moveo, Rob Drabkin and Alyse Black.

Oh yeah, and my good thoughts go out to Louisiana, I know they just went through a rough time, but I hear things are re-opening, and it's good that we didn't have another Katrina.

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Anonymous said...

Monolith is doing such a great job at creating community and engaging me in their event way out front. Actually excited about going now. Thrilled that I get to see KaiserCartel - LOVE LOVE LOVE their album and haven't seen 'em live yet.